Dog Park Dog


Bev Hollis

A traveling veterinarian and dog photographer documents dog parks and the cast of characters who visit them.

The Process

Hollis started shooting in the 1970's using analog cameras. She jumped on the early digital bandwagon and still enjoys the creative flexibility that the digital process often offers. Her heart, however, remains with film and she feels strongly that dogs and film are meant to be together. She currently stalks area dog parks with her well used film cameras - a Leica M6 35mm, and medium formats: Hasselblad 500C/M and a Contax 645.

The Dog Parks

Bev travels extensively throughout the mid-Atlantic and Southeastern US and never misses an opportunity to explore a nearby dog park.  From the old grass airstrip- turned dog park on Martha's Vineyard, to a converted drag-racing strip in Charlotte, NC - each park has a story, and so do the dogs.

Using Format