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Holiday and Heat!

While my weekly travels haven’t slowed - the action at the parks have. Seems the “dog days of summer” hit us early and hard with temps hovering near 100° throughout my regions and most pups, I hope, are stretched out in front of an air conditioner vent and dreaming of cooler days.

Until then - enjoy a couple of new friends from a visit on the 4th of July to one of my favorite local parks - French Broad River - where I met Neka, the ever smiling, ball chasing, yellow lab and Murphy - a young impeccably trained Boxer who was more than happy for some camera attention.

The past week had the parks small in number - but loaded with personalities! Meanwhile, let’s hope for some cooler weather. Stay safe!



Olney Manor Dog Park - Montgomery County, MD

The past week took me to VA and MD for work. I lucked out weather-wise and though most of the days started with steady rain and clouds my free evening found the clouds parting, temperatures unusually mild, and the dog park active!

I fired up my trusty Bring Fido app and headed to the Olney Manor Dog Park.  I was lucky enough to meet a large group of characters!

Gabe, the very polite and adorable Rottweiler puppy - just learning how to venture out and play with others…

Bentley, the border collie, was there with his soccer ball. Shaking off
any nerves before his first ever Search and Rescue assignment in the

Roman, the handsome Vizsla who barely stopped long enough for me to grab an image!

Libby, the uber sweet Goldendoodle who was happy to play with EVERYONE..

So many other lovely dogs and equally friendly and welcoming humans! I understood how well this group knows each other when I saw a man trying to leave with a big dog. She would walk a few steps then fall flat out to the ground. No amount of pulling or cajoling would get her up. I finally asked - “Sir, is your dog ok?” The whole group chimed in, “That’s just Roxie - she doesn’t want to go home.”

Last week, at this friendly park - I felt the same way.

Spectacular Martin Dog Park - Southern Pines, NC

My work travels took me south of Raleigh this week. I stepped off the beaten path, booked an Airbnb at a lovely horse farm, and set out to see if there were any dog parks in the area. I admit I didn’t have high hopes. Smallish, “rural-ish,” southern town. Lots of land, single family homes with yards. “Who needs a dog park,” I thought?

I used my BringFido app and headed to Martin Dog Park. What I found was one of the most amazing dog parks I’ve ever seen. Fifty-five beautiful acres set amongst the sandhills and whispering southern pines.  A small, clear stream winds through the back side of the property and though it was a relatively quiet night, the paw prints in the sand, along with the sets of chairs found dotting the landscape, tell the bigger story - this park is popular.

I only met a few dogs - “Bo,” “Penny,” and “Louie.” All gracious hosts to me and clearly enjoying their time at the park. “Louie,” a 4 month old Aussie was here for the first time. A typical Aussie, eager to please, he sat for a portrait, and then BAM! he was in the air!!!

I spoke for a while to the owner of Bo and Penny who told me the property was left to the city by an “eye doctor” with the stipulation it become a dog park. What a lovely man he must have been. Southern Pines was lucky to have him. The dogs are lucky too.


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