Dog Park Dog

French Broad River Dog Park, Asheville, NC

Yesterday brought a delightful cast of characters to one of my local haunts.  An afternoon of wonderful dog park manners, respectful and engaged human companions, and dogs having fun!

From the wee young lad, Oliver - a clever and striking German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP), to the 15 1/2 year old mix-breed with bright eyes who still finds joy in a Saturday romp - they were at the park yesterday. Sadie -brought her “A” game in ball retrieval. I believe she may be practicing base stealing with her exuberant “slides.”

Holly, the border collie LOVED the camera. Greyson, her Husky brother, was always on the periphery but too adept for me and I never got that great shot. (I’ll be back though!) 

If your dog’s image is featured - just message me here or on the Facebook page if you’d like a complimentary print. Thanks to all who brought their happy dogs yesterday!


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