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Things Are Heating Up in Asheville!

Summer is settling in to our mountain town of Asheville. Nights are still cool but the days warm quickly and even the elevation of Asheville can’t keep that east coast humidity at bay. No matter the weather, the long holiday weekend gave everyone an extra day to get out with their canine companions.

The dog park at the lovely French Broad River Park was no exception. As always, an interesting cast of characters, all with playful attitudes and appropriate dog park manners.

We met Leo, the Goldendoodle, not yet 2 years old and in his second day in his newest home. We wish him much happiness with his wonderful new humans!


There was Piper, the pit-mix, born with a deformed foot, but shhhhh… don’t tell him because he hasn’t noticed!!

super-cute, and somewhat “active” Russell, named after Russell Wilson,
his human’s favorite football player, kept us entertained with frisbee

Two delightful basset hounds, Malakai and Rosie,
challenged everyone to look a basset square in the face and not smile -
they won.

We also met Ed and Dukie - a delightful pair. Dukie’s human has never gotten a good image of him. I hope she likes this one!

To say I enjoy working on this project is an understatement. Watching dogs, photographing dogs, talking to dog humans…. doesn’t get much better than that!

Sunday at Azalea Dog Park, Asheville, NC

It’s not for lack of trying on my part to visit dog parks as I travel. Last week had me in the deep south - Aiken, SC to be exact. Temps held steady in the mid-90’s and though I found a lovely local park - nary a romping pup could be found.  

I did however spend a lovely evening with an Irish Terrier named Dora. Before I post from this week’s dog park I thought you might enjoy a look at this lovely and very sweet girl.


So Sunday, back home with temps about 30 degrees cooler, I headed out to one of our local parks in Asheville. Though the big dog section was filled with the usual cast of raucous characters, it was the small dog section I was drawn to this week.  

I stumbled upon a lovely group of ladies and their equally lovely dogs. Everyone sat about in chairs, brought refreshments, and chatted about all things important.  It felt sort of like the dog version of bridge club!

The dogs were delightful… and they seemed to have their own friendly “chat” going on.  If I missed your dog’s name please contact me here or through Facebook and I will correct! As always, let me know if you’d like a complimentary print.

Thanks for the very warm welcome. I hope to meet this group again and chronicle the “human-dog” story!

French Broad River Dog Park, Asheville, NC

Yesterday brought a delightful cast of characters to one of my local haunts.  An afternoon of wonderful dog park manners, respectful and engaged human companions, and dogs having fun!

From the wee young lad, Oliver - a clever and striking German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP), to the 15 1/2 year old mix-breed with bright eyes who still finds joy in a Saturday romp - they were at the park yesterday. Sadie -brought her “A” game in ball retrieval. I believe she may be practicing base stealing with her exuberant “slides.”

Holly, the border collie LOVED the camera. Greyson, her Husky brother, was always on the periphery but too adept for me and I never got that great shot. (I’ll be back though!) 

If your dog’s image is featured - just message me here or on the Facebook page if you’d like a complimentary print. Thanks to all who brought their happy dogs yesterday!


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