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Shuffletown Dog Park, Charlotte, NC

I had dinner meetings this week so wasn’t able to get to the parks when most folks roll in - after work, towards evening. I gambled anyway and showed up at Shuffletown Dog Park near Charlotte, NC mid-afternoon.

What my visit lacked in volume was made up in personality by my ONE subject - Murphy. A chocolate lab-great dane mix. Two years old. Full of fun and energy and very good manners.  I had a wonderful visit with his human who told me how, at less than a year old, Murphy ended up with a very serious intestinal obstruction and a subsequent expensive surgery.

Of course this back story makes watching Murphy and his human enjoying a lazy spring afternoon all the more rewarding to witness and grateful to share.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to me. It was a joy following your boy around the park. Don’t forget to come over to the Facebook page so I can get you a print of Murphy!

“John” Connelly Dog Park, Voorhees, NJ

Unseasonably warm temps brought out all sorts of fun last week at the Connelly Dog Park. A lovely, sociable park in Voorhees, NJ filled with responsible, dog-friendly, concerned visitors.  Everyone kept an eye on their dogs, socialized with each other, and were happy to talk to me as the “stranger invading their dog park.” A lot could be learned from the responsible behaviors witnessed here -

  • Always monitoring and correcting inappropriate behavior.
  • Respectfully addressing issues as they arise.
  • Redirecting behavior as needed.
  • Helping elderly seniors assimilate and understand dog park etiquette.

A big shout out to this great group and their pups - Wally, Charlie x 2, Tabor, Bella, Frankie, Ace, Otis. If I missed a name let me know!

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