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The Reactive Dog and Off Leash Threats

A great article today on Victoria Stillwell’s site “Positively”  regarding what it’s like for the responsible owner of a reactive dog when he or she is forced to deal with off-leash dogs. Responsibility is a two-way street. Please give it a read!

I had a great week visiting dog parks on Martha’s Vineyard as well as a lovely park in Voorhees, NJ. I’m still on the road but will post some images by the weekend. In the meantime, please enjoy this informative piece!

Dog Park Language

The biggest surprise for me as I explore dog parks is what seems to be disregard or honest ignorance surrounding proper dog behavior as it relates to what kind of dogs should be at parks.  

I’ll be featuring some guest bloggers with years of dog training and dog behavior credentials as the project develops.  In the meantime, do you see your dog depicted here?

Coming up next week - Dog Park Martha’s Vineyard style!

Pitner Road Dog Park · Acworth, GA


A short detour from my drive home brought me to the stunning Pitner Road Dog Park just outside of Atlanta. This 3 acre park, divided into 1 and 2 acre parcels, is truly dog’s best friend. Clean, well  maintained, with wooded and grassy areas and fresh water!  

When I arrived it seemed empty. Disappointed, I started back to my car when I saw a slip of a dog zoom past the fence. Otis! Happily I gathered my camera and got to spend some time with 4 lovely dogs - Otis, Riley, Moose and Annabelle. 

If I feature a dog in my gallery I welcome their humans to find us on Facebook and I’m happy to send a print your way!

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