Dog Park Dog

Spectacular Martin Dog Park - Southern Pines, NC

My work travels took me south of Raleigh this week. I stepped off the beaten path, booked an Airbnb at a lovely horse farm, and set out to see if there were any dog parks in the area. I admit I didn’t have high hopes. Smallish, “rural-ish,” southern town. Lots of land, single family homes with yards. “Who needs a dog park,” I thought?

I used my BringFido app and headed to Martin Dog Park. What I found was one of the most amazing dog parks I’ve ever seen. Fifty-five beautiful acres set amongst the sandhills and whispering southern pines.  A small, clear stream winds through the back side of the property and though it was a relatively quiet night, the paw prints in the sand, along with the sets of chairs found dotting the landscape, tell the bigger story - this park is popular.

I only met a few dogs - “Bo,” “Penny,” and “Louie.” All gracious hosts to me and clearly enjoying their time at the park. “Louie,” a 4 month old Aussie was here for the first time. A typical Aussie, eager to please, he sat for a portrait, and then BAM! he was in the air!!!

I spoke for a while to the owner of Bo and Penny who told me the property was left to the city by an “eye doctor” with the stipulation it become a dog park. What a lovely man he must have been. Southern Pines was lucky to have him. The dogs are lucky too.


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